Hunter Badminton Inc.

Code of Ethics & Conduct

All players and visitors are expected to respect & abide by the following guidelines which is a condition of entry into the hall.

General directives

  1. Follow the directions or any instruction made by a Hunter Badminton Committee member or any official (authorized by the committee) hall official.
  2. Always use the shared car park in a safe and appropriate manner.
  3. While on the courts – non marking shoes must be worn.
  4. Appropriate badminton and sporting attire is encouraged.
  5. Food and drinks are not permitted on the courts.
  6. All areas within the hall are strictly non smoking zones.
  7. Children are always welcome but must be supervised & are the responsibility of their parent or accompanying adult at all times – both on and off the court.
  8. Visitors and new players should always be made to feel welcome.
  9. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  10. Ideas, suggestions & general feedback together with any misconduct or disagreements, should be raised with a committee member (so it can be discussed at a future board meeting) to ensure the continual improvement of our badminton club.

Playing the game

  1. Players are required to pay their court fees before going onto the courts. Club officials will use their discretion to stop games in order to collect these fees.
  2. Deliberately avoiding paying court fees will not be tolerated.
  3. Courts may become slippery before and during sessions – check courts before play and make use of the mops required if necessary.
  4. An appropriate amount of time should be taken to warm up before play (on court) but consideration should also be given to players waiting – keep a good game flow.
  5. During social playing sessions do not stay on the court for re-matches if other players are waiting to play. Courtesy for player/court rotation should be given.
  6. Good sportsmanship and conduct is encouraged at all times.
  7. All spectators (including kids under supervision), visitors and players waiting are expected to keep a safe distance from the courts and use caution while moving around the stand areas & surrounding walkways.

Personal responsibilities

  1. Used shuttles are to be placed in the bins/boxes provided.
  2. Players are responsible for their own belongings. Ensure that these items do not affect your own or another person’s safety.
  3. Before leaving – all rubbish needs to be placed in the bins provided.
  4. All amenities, change rooms, viewing areas (stands and 2nd floor level), kitchen, gym, court areas and other club equipment (including racquets) should be treated with the utmost care and respect.
  5. Report all safety concerns, faults or damage to a club official as soon as possible.