Common Questions

We value our members’ time. Post covid-19 pandemic, we recognised the importance of optimising playing experience of our members. We learnt that the optimum balance between rest and play time for one court is 6 players. With 4 courts available, limiting the session to 24 players ensures that everyone has a decent amount of playtime. This approach allows for a smoother rotation and maximises the playing time for each participant. 

Unfortunately, we can’t allow this to happen. Our club is at capacity, and we try our best to ensure that our members get the opportunity to play on any given day. 

Please change your RSVP on Meetup at least two (2) hours before the session starts. This gives other people on the waitlist enough time to prepare. In case of unforeseen circumstances or higher priority matters, please text us on 0437315677 and let us know why you couldn’t make it.

Please don’t. We don’t like turning people away but we will have to do that to ensure fairness to everyone.

As much as we’d love for people to introduce badminton to their friends & families, we need to prioritise the safety and insurance coverage for everyone playing badminton in our hall. For court hire, it is essential that the person hiring the court and the participants are all members. Our membership affiliation with Badminton Australia ensures that all members are covered by Personal Injury Insurance.