1. A person NOT in the targeted grade should not register for a session until the day of the event (00.00).

    • This means that participants who do not belong to the specified grade should refrain from signing up for a session until the event day itself, precisely at 00.00 (midnight).
  2. If a session is not filled up by the day of the session, members of other grades are welcome to join.

    • In case a session does not have enough participants from the targeted grade, members from other grades can participate to fill up the available slots.
  3. Visitors can only play 3x within 4 weeks before needing to become a member.

    • Visitors (non-members) are allowed to play a maximum of three times within a four-week period. After that, they are required to become members to continue playing.
  4. Visitors are limited to two people each night in a session where visitors are allowed.

    • When visitors are permitted to join a session, they are restricted to a maximum of two individuals per night.