Sub-committees in our club environment, is where the planning, organisation and most of the workload for our club events are carried out.

Without sub-committees functions, competitions, special activities and other important areas within the club simply don’t run or get offered.

So as you can see, our club relies heavily on member involvement.

Over the years our pro-active sub-committees have made Hunter Badminton not only stand out as an interesting sport but also as leader within the badminton community.

Sub-committees usually have a committee member involved but this is not always the case.

Sub-committees must report to the main board once a month and may need approval for certain activities. They normally operate under set guidelines for a period of one year.

Sub-committees are set up after an expression of interest at each Annual General Meeting to run activities in the scope of operation… however members can join sub-committees anytime.

If there is an area of the club that you think you can be involved in or have any suggestions or feedback please contact the following people (sub-committee members) directly.

Here are our current subcommittees for 2020/21

(The list below also includes other areas of club activity that members can involve themselves with) –